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Workshop on Bicycling Safety in Orange County—Irvine City Hall, April 14

Posted: 09 Apr 2014 04:00 AM PDT

"[A]cross America, biking and walking account for 12 percent of all trips but receive only 1.6 percent of federal funding."—Jay Walljasper, Fellow of Project for Public Spaces, Senior Fellow at Augsburg College's Sabo Center, and Senior Associate at Citiscope

An Irvine Bike/Walking Trail

If you want to participate in shaping bicycling in Orange County, you might attend an upcoming open discussion and workshop on bicycle safety at Irvine City Hall on April 14. OCTA Chairman Shawn Nelson, Vice Chairman Jeffrey Lalloway, Director Todd Spitzer, and CEO Darrell Johnson will attend this workshop.

"Cycling is an increasingly popular transportation option for work and play. To help Orange County become a 'roll' model for cycling safety, OCTA has invited bicycle advocates, law enforcement, local jurisdictions, and other stakeholders to take part in a bicycle safety workshop at Irvine City Hall on April 14.

Following comments by OCTA, cities, and agencies regarding plans to make cycling a viable and safe choice for commuting and recreational travel, there will be an open discussion to begin the process of developing workable, collaborative solutions to benefit the entire community."—OCTA

If you think that this is a frivolous issue, here are some quotes that explain why this is an economic and quality of life issue:

"Talented people are moving to Billings in large part because of our trail system that creates the quality of life they are expecting. …Trails are no longer viewed as community amenities; they're viewed as essential infrastructure for business recruitment."—John Brewer, CEO of the Billings, Montana, Chamber of Commerce at a Congressional hearing last year

"I certainly recognize the environmental, public health and quality of life benefits that more bicycling can bring our city, but I also value the contribution to the economy that comes with the provision of smart transportation options that attract major employers to Austin."—Mayor Lee Leffingwell of Austin, Texas

"My job is to convince emerging companies that they can get the workers they want to come here. The bike is part of the overall strategy to compete for talent."—Dr. Steven Bares, President of the Memphis Bioworks Foundation, an initiative to bring emerging health companies to Memphis


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