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IT Electronic Products Supplier

About TrendzXpress


TrendzXpress is in the business of Problem Solving. Our goal is to help your organization perform more efficiently and more effectively; we only succeed when you succeed. We are an independent authorized dealer representing the industries’ leading technologies. We offer customized solutions from best in class manufacturers and developers such as HP, Samsung, IBM, Lenovo, Buffalo, APC, Genius, EMC, Autodesk, Intermec, RedHat, Ozaki, Oracle, Micro-soft, Trend Micro, Sony, Acer, Apple, Adobe, VMware, Imation, TDK, Iomega, 3Com, GTCO CalComp, and Contex.


Our Approach to Business

·         We answer the phone, reply to emails, listen to customers, and earn a living by helping you.

·         We work hard for our customers, finding out the best solutions, offering best products at a fair price.

·         We treat our clients, vendors, and employees with respect and fairness.

·         We stand behind every solution we deliver.

·         We inform you of total solution pricing. You'll never get a bill that you didn't expect.

·         We invest in our employees through training to improve their skills and knowledge to better serve you.


Our Policies

·         Our liability is limited to replacing your equipment if it gets damaged or stolen when in our possession.

·         Our warranty is limited to the warranties provided by the manufacturer or developer of the products provided.

·         We handle customer's electronic data with utmost care. Your data will not be read, shared or stored by us unless authorized and requested to do so.

·         By the very nature, data transfer is a risky process. While we use state-of-the-art techniques, sometimes you might lose the data; it won't be because of us.

·         We support legal and licensed software. We do not support software piracy to any extent, that is totally up to you.


What We Do

·         We listen to your needs and business issues and offer solutions to address them.

·         We answer the phone, reply to your messages and respond to service requests in a timely fashion.

·         We take excellent care of your network, your computers and your data.

·         We solve problems, with professionalism and a dedication to excellence.


List of Products

·         Desktop Solutions

·         Mobile Solutions

·         Software Solutions

·         Server Solutions

·         Power Management

·         Storage Solutions

·         Networking

·         Accessories / Peripherals

·         Supplies



Address: 38 Evangelista St., Santolan, Pasig City

US Numbers: (702) 347-2748 / (702) 347-1778

Philippine Numbers:     (632) 501-7830 / (632) 624-5112 / (632) 217-5692

Mobile Numbers: +63917-8656771 (GLOBE) / +63919-9938501 (SMART) / +63925-8730708 (SUN)

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