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The Real Estate Bloggers

The Housing Police Are Getting Teeth From ObamaCare

Posted: 08 Feb 2013 01:31 PM PST

HealthyHomeHUDObamacare has opened the door for the government to get inside your home. For years we heard "Government Stay Out Of My Bedroom" but now those on the other side of the aisle will now be singing that song.

With a new push incorporating multiple agencies of the federal government, including the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Surgeon General, and Energy Department, there is a push to create a unified plan for regulating and inspecting the homes in the United States.

With the battle cry of a healthy home will lower health care costs, we can not expect to see government officials look to get full access to our homes to make sure they are safe.I for one do not like the idea of an unhealthy home, but the concept of privacy and private property rights are ones I like even more.

What is your opinion on the new push by the federal government coming into your home to make sure it is healthy?

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said the government now has a “specific plan for action to address radon and other preventable hazards found in homes across the country.” The strategy, she added, “is a critical step” toward ensuring that “Americans in all communities have healthy places to live, work and play.”

The healthy homes strategy sets five goals for reducing the number of substandard homes:

– Establish healthy homes recommendations (homes should be dry, clean, pest-free, safe, contaminant-free, well-ventilated, and well-maintained and thermally controlled);

– Encourage adoption of healthy homes recommendations (federal, state and local regulations);

– Create and support training and workforce development to address health hazards in housing (train people for new jobs in green energy and construction);

– Educate the public about healthy homes (advertising campaigns telling Americans how their homes ought to be)

– Support research that advances healthy housing in a cost-effective manner (taxpayer-funded grants to study the problem). via CNS News

Read the report that HUD has put out here.


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