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Leaders First Alert: BLOCK BUZZ ! *** Pre-Launching Oct. 1st. *** International--- This will be BIG!

 Leaders Only Invite!   International Block Buster!                                                                                                          (Removal Instructions below!) 

Please do NOT pass this by. Block Buzz is going to EXPLODE at Pre-Launch, Oct. 1st.
I am friends with one of the owners.  This is a major heads up.

Greetings Friends,

This is a late breaking update regarding Block Buzz.
If you can get on a  webinar, then you will see why everyone is so excited.

All I can say is, when the word get's out...


You are in for something VERY special, and I do NOT say that lightly.

Block Buzz is going to be big. Very big. Those who position early, and bring in others
stand to make life changing incomes. I mean SERIOUSLY life changing incomes.
Nobody is placed until pre-launch  starts on Oct. 1st.
We have an incredible window right now to pre-position, and bring in others.
Please Read This Now to register for the next webinar, and understand the sign up process.
You can only sign up during the webinars!
To sign up you will need my name and username: David Reid dreamlife2013
This is 100% international. It WILL go viral world-wide, at LIGHT SPEED.

We will have the site, opt-in pages, follow up emails etc. in all languages.
You have the chance now to get in early before the masses, so take the chance now and get your leaders in as well before they
 join another leader.

Here is the website to study:
   Once in a while something huge comes along, and we have the good fortune of being there when the paint was still drying, and no one yet knew.
  This is that time. 2 short weeks from now, there will be a frenzy. Tens of thousands of people will be joining Block Buzz.
.Positioning and building now (leaders only), could be one of the best decisions you have ever made. I am not kidding.
  So, take a look at Block Buzz. Get on a webinar. Sign up if you can now, and share this with those you know who can bring in 
their contacts.
  Don't miss Block Buzz. Your future is in your hands!  
Trust me, those who pass on this will kick themselves when they see what happens on Oct. 1st!

Warm Regards Always, David Reid

Skype: dreamlife2012

PS. As you may or may not know, I am about to pre-launch my "life's work" in network marketing.
 It is a Portfolio Marketing System called: The People's Bailout. I can not wait to share my system with you!

The last part of 2012 is going to be amazing!!

Note: I lost my current databases which had opt outs from the past 3 years. I had to resort to the list I had before that time. My sincere apologies if you had already opted out and are getting this. I am cleaning my lists anew, and all opt out requests will be immediately honored. Thank you and be well!

This is a private list of friends, associates, part and full time networkers. If at any time you would like to be removed, kindly reply with: remove. thnx.


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