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The Real Estate Bloggers

Real Estate Investor Conference – BiggerPockets Style

Posted: 02 Feb 2012 10:45 AM PST

BiggerPocketSeminarAre you ready for a real estate investment conference that is not on big sell and spam fest? Are you tired of every speaker from the stage pitching their product instead of teaching you?

Well, your conference has arrived. Josh Dorkin and the crew over at BiggerPockets is putting on a truly amazing conference on real estate investing with the focus on giving you the tools and techniques to create a firm foundation for your business.

It really is that simple…

What you will not get is the hype of 20  products that will create miracles in your business and cure cancer at the same time.

What you will get is some of the finest minds in the real estate investment community giving you solid advice, pertinent information, and the tools for you to succeed with your long term strategies.

Now, I do not want to pressure you, but I messed up. I told Josh, who is a friend and mentor, that I would put this post up weeks ago. But, as you know life gets in the way.

However, in the mean time space is filling up and I would hate for you to miss this conference. Josh told me he is keeping the conference small so that everyone who attends can get the most value out of it.

I remember the first RETechSouth conference that was like this one. I made more connections that helped my business in 1 day than I had the first 3 years I was blogging. Flagship conferences like this one from BiggerPockets will reap benefits for years if you take the initiative to attend.

The price is reasonable, the location is in Denver, Colorado (home of inexpensive flights and lots of fun), and the date is a little over a month away (March 23rd–24th).

So click on the link below to learn more and sign up for the conference. 

BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Summit and Expo


P.S.  Look for me on the floor, I am pulling strings to get out of every coaching assignment and obligation to get out there. It is so good that, even though I do not invest in real estate myself, I know I will learn a great deal and increase my knowledge of the real estate industry.

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Real Estate Investor Conference – BiggerPockets Style

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