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Custom trade show exhibits

As a venture capitalist, I attend a lot of trade shows.
I've come to appreciate a custom trade show booth that
doesn't waste my time. Tell me who you are, what you do,
and how you can help your target market. If I want to know
more than that I'll ask.

Getting someone to stop at a trade show display is kind of
like getting them to read past the first sentence of an article.
You've got to pack the most interesting and important info up
front to hook your audience. If you do that well, they'll hang
on your every word. If you don't, you'll have to try to flag down
whomever you can trap with eye contact or a cheap giveaway.

I can't tell you how many custom trade show exhibits I've stood
in front of for minutes at a time without being able to determine
what they were selling or to whom. What a waste of valuable time
and space.

The first thing trade show presenters need to do is tell visitors who
they are. A logo is good, especially if your brand is well-known.
But that's not enough. Show off what you do; explain to people right
off the bat what is so great that you would go to the trouble
to build a custom trade show booth for it. Use taglines, pictures,
and mock-ups to reel people in.

If you stop there, you're still going to waste my time. Once you
have visitors' attention you need to explain how you will change
their lives. There are a lot of great products out there that no
one ever gives a second thought to because they lack targeted
marketing. Think about who will be most excited about your product
and why. Then show that at your custom trade show booth.
Show videos of people using your product; let people use it
on site; show dramatic comparisons; make people need your product.

Most people won't go to the effort of probing you to find out
what your product is. That's what custom trade show exhibits
are for. If you do your job right in building your display,
you won't have to worry about going out to fish for attention.


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