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WAYN Tips, City Breaks season with Momondo, Flavio from Italy and more...

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- Momondo
Plan a city break

- Featured Interview
Italian adventurer Flavio

- WAYN Tips
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Dear Ana,

Whether your annual holiday is already a beautiful memory only, or you're one of the lucky ones who are still looking forward to relaxing in the sun and all that fun – keep on reading!

Go for a spontaneous city break with Momondo and fall in love with the new season. And if you have planned your trip already – make use of our new Tips functionality, and find out all you need to know, to be able to enjoy your holidays to the fullest!

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Plan a city break with Momondo
It is the perfect season for a city break, and on Momondo´s brand new page you will find a guide to the best upcoming events in our favorite cities across the world. Paris, New York, Berlin, London, Copenhagen… you name it!

Need a break? There's never a shortage of things going on with Momondo! Find and plan your next trip, and enjoy more of the world.
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Travelling this month...
 Member interview...
Say hello to Milena!Say hello to André!Say hello to Azlina!

Read the interview!
Name: Flavio
Age: 30

This Italian adventurer loves good wine
and riding his motorbike...

Search members: by age  by gender  by nationality

... read more

Be here next month! 

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Featured people this month

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Featured photos this month

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Most popular Destinations
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 Cape Town
South Africa

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Most popular Activities
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 Take a boat tour
of Rome

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Got a tip or a question? Well, share it!
Got a tip or a question?
Here at WAYN, we're letting you contribute to someone else's dream and letting others help you with yours. With our brand new feature WAYN Tips, you can leave tips, suggestions or recommendations about your favourite destinations or activities for others to follow.

And if you're ever stuck for ideas, get advice on where to visit or how to accomplish your goal by posting a question to the WAYN community. Before long, someone somewhere will be sure to send you a wise word or two.

Add a tip about your own home town and inspire others to visit!

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