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Fw: Warning about Wow We and JJ Ulrich- Must Read Now!


In the interest of truth, I am writing this email to inform everybody about "I Wow We" and their CEO, Bill Starkey and their "Master Distributor", JJ Ulrich.
If you are doing business with I Wow We or JJ Ulrich, you MUST read this entire letter!
Here is what you MUST know:
1.      I Wow We and its CEO, Bill Starkey, on webinars and phone conferences, markets as a successful company that has been in business for over 4 years. The TRUTH is that Bill Starkey, was a Distributor for another video email company not even 3 years ago. He FAILED MISERABLY! So, Bill is knowingly being untruthful about the background of I Wow We and his involvement in the company. His "story" is bogus.
2.      Bill proclaims himself as having a successful track record in the network marketing industry. It is NOT TRUE!
Please do yourself a favor and Google "Bill Starkey- National Association of Independent Mortgage Bankers". As you can see, there are MANY UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS. Where is the company today? It is OUT OF BUSINESS!
Then, Bill UNSUCCESSFULLY tried to launch another MLM company, "Connect Realty" that used real estate sales as the product. Guess where that went? Absolutely NO WHERE!
Here is the link:
Our team cannot find any notable success and PROOF of that success that Bill Starkey has ever had in this industry.
The self-proclaimed Master Distributor of "I Wow We", JJ Ulrich is a CON MAN! You should RUN and RUN Fast from ANYTHING he does!
His name and anybody Associate with him will have their credibility ruined. You will be embarrassed in front of your friends, family members and business colleagues.
Just LAST YEAR, Ulrich was the CEO of the "Elite Activity" which is a GIANT PYRAMID SCHEME GIFING ACTIVITY. We have a copy of his Linked In page from June 30, 2009 where Ulrich proudly promotes himself as the CEO of THIS KNOWN SCAM.
The Founder of "Elite Activity", Harvey Dockstader, was ARRESTED and SENTENCED TO PRISON:
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Offender Information Detail

SID Number: 07548662
TDCJ Number: 01506716
Race: W
Sex: M
Age: 43
Maximum Sentence Date: 2010-05-14
Current Facility: LYCHNER
Projected Release Date: 2010-05-14
Parole Eligibility Date: NOT AVAILABLE
Many PEOPLE who participated in the Elite Activity were arrested around the world!
In fact, it is so highly ILLEGAL the US FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has gone to the trouble of publishing an official warning page: which points out the illegality of both organizing AND participating in such schemes.

There's more…….
Dockstader also has ties to the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS).  Recently, Texas authorities removed over 400 children from the church compound in the largest child molestation investigation in United States history. Though not charged yet, Mr. Dockstader has allegedly been a subject of the abuse investigations in Eldorado Texas and Colorado City Arizona. 

Members of the Elite Activity "Resurrected" ADMITTED that they KNOWINGLY PROVIDED MATERIAL FINANCIAL SUPPORT to the FLDS  with their nominal $16 monthly charge members MUST pay for their websites. Elite Activity Resurrected currently boasts upwards of 200,000 members; that's 3.2 million dollars monthly into the cults coffers."
More Colorado City men indicted, 9 in custody, on polygamy crimes 

3TV has learned that as many as seven more Colorado City men have been indicted on crimes associated with the practice of polygamy.

One of those men was arrested and eight others turned themselves in to Mohave County authorities. Two of the men were wanted on previous indictments.

3TV reporter Mike Watkiss learned that Kelly Fischer, Dale Barlow, Rodney Holm, Randolph Barlow, Vergel Jessop, Terry Barlow, Donald Robert Barlow and
Harvey J. Dockstader all turned themselves in.
So, what did JJ Ulrich do next?

When it got "TOO HOT" for Ulrich, what did he do? Like a MORON, he started his own GIFTING ACTIVITY: "Connecting Us All".  Here is a letter he wrote to all "Elite Activity" members when starting Connecting Us All.
"Months ago various agencies worldwide started questing the integrity of the intention of this website and the belief system we so strongly hold dear. Their under the impression that our model of unconditional gifting is merely a disguise for fraudulent activities. These inquiries presented an opportunity to look into our hearts and this organization to seek out the truth. While we assure you and the rest of the world that our intentions are pure, we must agree with our critics that it could appear, to skeptics, to be volatile of the law.

This began our journey to educate ourselves and identify how to remove any question about the intention of this organization. We gathered the leaders, hired attorneys, retained consultants and began to pioneer who we are, what we stand for and to build this organization into the pinnacle of worldwide organizations. Teams have placed thousands of man hours into its development and today marks the historic benchmark of out with the old and in with the new.

Effective August 21, 2009 this website is no longer functional. The sun has dipped below the mountains and we await the dawn of a new morning and the sunrise to follow. Please use this opportunity for self-reflection, did you give with pure intent, or did you deep down give with an expectation of profit? This is the question so many ask and we have addressed in the new organization to be known as It is filled with exciting new global features, friends and honors our the belief systems we all hold dear. All future updates will be at

This situation stems from our voices not being heard. So we ask that you share your success story of the people this movement has helped. In addition help us create the change of a You and Me world. Many of you as children stood atop a hilltop and proclaimed someday I am going to change the world. well my friends now is the time. Please sign the petition and send your stories to your local officials letting them know the lives have been changed.

Thank you to all for your support, God Bless you all and we will see you at

If you go to JJ Ulrich's website,  you will see that he proudly lists one of HIS COMPANIES as "Connecting Us All".
Now, Ulrich is LYING TO EVERYONE saying how he built groups of over 800,000 and he is "just getting started." Sure, he SCAMMED OVER 800,000 people in the Elite Activity and he is going to do the SAME THING in I WOW WE. He will try to get you to spend over $1,000 for "marketing tools" such as leads, lead scrapers and phone auto-dialers. And guess who is making the $$$$ from these.
He will TELL YOU that he is going to FILL YOUR MATRIX and you DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! This is IMPOSSIBLE and 100% ILLEGAL.
This will make I WOW WE a VERY SHORT RUN! And I mean VERY SHORT.
His "System" that he uses is designed to do one thing. Get your  personal contact information and that of your friends, family and business colleagues and then he will use YOUR contact information to market something else to them.
He just tried it with another networking company and he, and others that Ulrich works with, is NOW BEING SUED in United States Federal Court- You can read the details here for yourself:
Do NOT be fooled!
A Special note to JJ:
My team and I have just started and will not stop until you, and your programmer JOE READ, are put in prison where you belong. Do you think the Criminal Investigations Division of the IRS would like to know how you supported yourself and your family when you were doing Elite Activity? I am sure you claimed your Income Taxes, didn't you?
And the FBI is very interested in MAIL FRAUD when you accepted those gifts over State lines.
And the Securities and Exchange Commission is interested in SECURITIES VIOLATIONS in your GIFTING SCHEMES!
JJ… you, and the other thieves with whom you work, are going to prison!!!
Warning! Warning! Warning!
If you are currently doing business with JJ Ulrich, you owe it to yourself to ask JJ and Wow We about the issues in this letter. They are 100% FACTS!!!!! If you do not, you will be SORRY! 


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