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Very Vintage Vegas

Very Vintage Vegas

Vintage Las Vegas Homes That We Can’t Identify -

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 10:01 PM PDT

Our anonymous Las Vegas Historian has surfaced again with a bunch of newly discovered photos of Vintage Las Vegas Homes from the 50’s or 60’s. We’re trying to identify the location of these two homes.

We’ve had other ones in the past, and our readers have always managed to identify the locations of these Vintage Las Vegas homes. This time??

Vintage Las Vegas HomeHouse number one has some clues at least. In the massively huge original file we can see the address of 1599 and the name Jack C. Cherry on the mailbox. I don’t know if you can see it in the image that I had to reduce for web publication.







Vintage Homes In Las VegasPicture number 2 has no clues at all. Can you help us identify this Vintage Vegas home?



I spent time today running a search through my vastly overloaded brain, but gave up and decided to give you all a shot at it.


Both pictures are clickable thumbnails if you want to see them in a larger version.



Veteran’s Memorial At Huntridge Circle Park In Downtown Las Vegas

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 09:20 PM PDT

The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that the final selection has been made for the Veteran’s Memorial At Huntridge Circle Park on Maryland Parkway in Downtown Las Vegas.

A sculptor’s vision that shows soldiers from more modern times as well as soldiers from past conflicts is the winning concept for a Veteran’s Memorial that will be constructed in Las Vegas.

“It’s a salute to our country and to our veterans,” Bill Marion, a representative of the Las Vegas Memorial Foundation, told the Las Vegas City Council today, referring to the work of Artist Douwe (pronounced “Dow”) Blumberg.

The council was told there are no public funds being spent on the project. Although there is no definite timetable for when the project would be finished, Mayor Oscar Goodman said he would like to see it completed by Veteran’s Day 2011.

Read The Entire Story In The Sun

Veteran's Memorial At Huntridge Circle Park In Downtown Las VegasThis STILL puts it at least a year till Huntridge Circle Park will be open for the use and enjoyment of Downtown Las Vegas residents, but at least we’ll finally get it open again.

Circle Park sits in an island on Maryland Parkway, just south of Charleston Blvd. It was donated to the city by silent film star Clara Bow. However, there is a deed restriction that it would revert back to her estate if it ever stopped being a park.

The Huntridge Neighborhood that surrounds Circle Park is one of the oldest, intact neighborhoods in Las Vegas. The homes were built between 1942 and 1944 during the first big population boom that was caused by the creation of the Army Air Station (now Nellis Air Force Base) during World War II.  

All of the stories I’ve done about the Huntridge Neighborhood and Huntridge Circle Park can be found easily with this category link about Huntridge.





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