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HELP US ORGANIZE A COLLECTION EVENT or FUNDRAISER Offer your community a responsible way to dispose of the old electronics that are cluttering their businesses, offices, and closets and raise money for a charitable organization at the same time. Hosting an eWaste recycling event with is simple, safe, and environmentally smart, contact us to learn more 949-200-3030 or

THE MOST CONVENIENT E-WASTE RECYCLING CENTER IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA takes the hassle out of recycling electronic waste. Serving all of Orange County with our free on-site pickup for businesses with No minimum Pick-Up requirement, we make it as convenient as possible to recycle all of your obsolete and unwanted computers, PC monitors, servers, network equipment, printers, fax machines, TVs, cell phones and all other electronic equipment.

FREE PICK UP SERVICE - GIVE US A CALL: 949-200-3030 or REGISTER ON-LINE                 

Free pick is only offered to Businesses and Institutions. Individuals are welcomed to use one of our drop-off locations.


Many companies simply live with the clutter of obsolete electronic waste because of the fear that sensitive data may be compromised. understands this very real concern and we ensure that all data is removed entirely from your electronic waste before it is recycled, ASK US ABOUT OUR INEXPENSIVE DATA DEVICE DESTRUCTION SERVICE. ACCEPTS All E-WASTE INCLUDING:

  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Monitors (CRT/LCD)
  • Network Equipment
  • Storage/Tape Drives/Media
  • Televisions
  • Fax Machines
  • Cell Phones
  • Medical Equipment
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Old Telephone Equipment
  • Broadcast Equipment
  • Post Production Equipment
  • And More!


Free EWaste Recycling

Safe Electronic Waste Disposal

Simple E Waste Pickup protects the environment while saving you money with our free e-waste recycling services for businesses in Orange County and beyond. ensures your safety by disposing of e-waste following EPA regulations and by destroying all sensitive data using the same software as the Department of Defense. offers free e-waste pickup with NO minimum requirements. We even handle all of the heavy lifting and any necessary cleanup!

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